Rachel's Pet Care Services, LLC

Our Services!

New Clients please send us a request form to schedule a Meet & Greet!  Once the Meet and Greet is completed we can schedule your services!  On top of our pet specific services we can help with small chores around your home as listed below.    

Potty Break- In Home

This is a quick 15 minute visit to let your pet out to potty, feed them, or give them any medications or vitamins they may need.  

Starting at $15 

Potty and Play- In Home

This a 30 minute visit designed more for play and snuggle time.  It can provide a fun break for pets kept in crates or cages while you are away from home.

Starting at $22

Poop Scooping

We arrive at your home to clean and dispose of your pet's waste.  Pricing is for one dog and yards under 1/2 acre

Starting at $25

Potty Walk

We now have an official 15 minute WALK option! This is a great option for people without fenced yards that have dogs that only need a potty break. 

Starting at $16

Quick Adventure Walk

A nice 30 minute walk meant to get your pet up and out of the house for some exercise.  We always bring water and a travel bowl on hot days.

Starting at $25

Additional Pet(s)

We do have a small surcharge for all pets after the first.  Our fee covers all additional pets..  

Ranging from $3 - $5

Service Areas

Lynnwood, Edmonds, South Everett

98026, 98087, 98037, 98036, 98204