Your Pet's Happiness is Our First Priority!

Starting at just $9.99


Our Services!

Once the Meet and Greet is completed we can schedule your services!  On top of our pet specific services we can help with small chores around your home as listed below.  We do all of our booking,  paperwork, and payments through Time to Pet.  New clients please see the Book an Appointment page for more information.  Please be as specific with care instructions as possible to help us give your pet the best care possible.  We can't wait to meet your little buddy!

Potty Break- Drop In

This is a quick 15 minute visit to let your pet out to potty, feed them, or give them any medications or vitamins they may need.  

Starting at $9 

Potty and Play- Drop In

This a 30 minute visit designed more for play and snuggle time.  It can provide a fun break for pets kept in crates or cages while you are away from home.

Starting at $16

Active Player- Drop In

This is a longer visit for more active pets or puppies.  It is a 45 minute visit designed to rid your pet of some of their energy so that when you come home they aren't as worked up.  

Starting at $23

Quick Adventure- Walk

A nice 30 minute walk meant to get your pet up and out of the house for some light exercise.  We always bring water and a travel bowl as well as a spray bottle to spritz pets with cool water on hot days.

Starting at $18

Active Adventurer- Walk

This is a 45 minute walk for more active pets, or pets who may enjoy a longer adventure around the neighborhood.  We can also take some time to work on any training. 

Starting at $26


An 11-hour visit in your home while you are away.  Generally the hours we stay are 8 pm to 7 am, although we can be flexible.  This is a great option for multi pet homes, homes with older pets, or pets with anxiety.

Starting at $55

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Extra Services

Our extra services include collecting mail/packages, taking house trash out, and watering plants.  We are very flexible so always inquire about other small services we may provide to you.  Any of these services can be done after the service to your pet is completed.  

Starting at $2

Additional Pet(s)

We do have a small surcharge for all pets after the first.  Our fee covers all additional pets, we do not charge for each additional pet.  

Ranging from $2 - $4

What our customers are saying

Rachel is very sweet & reliable!  I will continue to have her walk my little buddy several times a week.  She's great!

Coke R.- Client

Service Areas

Lynnwood, Edmonds, South Everett, and Mukilteo